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Foraging Color

Cultus Bay Gardens on Whidbey Island

Saturday, September 14th

10 - 3 pm (bring a lunch)

$125 - includes all supplies


Embark on a unique journey into the world of colors sourced directly from nature. In this workshop, we delve into the art of creating pigments and paints from natural sources. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience that involves foraging for pigments in nature, gaining insights into local ecology, and learning the art of responsible foraging.

During this workshop, we will identify local color sources, prepare pigment extractions, convert the dye bath into insoluble lake pigments, and finally mull the strained lake pigments into their final form of watercolor paints. Participants will create a pallet of 6 half pan watercolors and one ink vial and leave with the knowledge to create their own foraged paints. The class’s color palette will change with the seasons and reflect the local availability of foraged plants, fungi, & earth.

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Foraging Color

Explore the many colors of nature as we learn how to create pigments and paints from nature! We will discuss local ecology and responsible foraging as we work through hands-on activities to learn about creating pigments from plants, fungi, and the earth. Participants will leave with a sample of watercolor paints that we made together during class. The color palette of the class will change with the seasons and reflect the local availability of foraged items.   ​​

*Class is 90 minutes

At the following King County Libraries in 2024:

For registration information, please visit the KCLS website and events calendar.

Covington Library: June 22nd

Muckleshoot Library: July 3rd (Teens)

Maple Valley Library: September 12th

Covington Library: August 23rd (Youth)

Bellevue Library: September 28th

Woodmont Library: November 10th

Event Registration

Many of these workshops are offered at King County Library System locations in Western Washington State. Registration is required, and it can be completed at by searching for an event under the calendar tab.

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