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Our Programs

At Pacific Northwest Biology, we offer hands-on STEAM programming for both youth and adults. Our courses can be formatted as single workshops or multi-class series.


Natural History Courses

1-hr workshops with science and art activities for ages 6+

*No live animals are used in our programs.

Zoology Lab Series:

  • Bioluminescence

  • Nocturnal Animals

  • Carnivores & Herbivores

  • Thermoregulation

  • Animal Locomotion 

  • Reptiles of Washington

  • Animals in Winter

Drop-in Programs

1.5-hr self guided programs developed for ages 5-12. Perfect for large groups! Adult participation needed.

  • Reptiles of Washington

  • Feathers, Fur, & Scales


Laboratory Courses

1.5-hr or 2-hr workshops for ages 6+


Each course provides the opportunity to work with scientific equipment, practice technical skills, and learn about laboratory safety.

Microbiology Workshop Series:

  • Mycology: Molds, Yeasts & Mushrooms

  • Bacterial Culturing

  • Microscopy

  • Clinical Microbiology

  • Bioluminescence


STEAM Maker Workshops

2-hr or 3-hr workshops for Teens & Adults


  • Felting Mushrooms of the PNW

  • Exploring Form & Texture with Felted Bowls

  • Botanical Printmaking

  • Block Printing

  • Dyeing with Foraged Lichens, Mushrooms, & Plants

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